COOL in Summer


WARM in Winter

Up to 7° Celcius Difference in Winter or Summer


Beating the temperature to be COOL in Summer and HOT in Winter


Thermgaurd Ceiling Insulation

Thermguard will prevent up to 91% of the heat generated in the home from escaping upwards through the ceiling in winter and will keep 88% of summer heat out as well.”

Roof Ventilation Installation

This cost-effective and efficient roof ventilation system is ideal to ventilate factories, workshops, warehouses, agricultural applications, schools, hostels, change houses, assembly halls and other building structures which require effective ventilation.

Evaporative Coolers Installation

Evaporative Coolers are designed to effectively cool most commercial and industrial applications like schools, retail centres, offices and warehouses.



Thermgaurd Ceiling Insulation

Tornado Roof Ventilation System

Ceiling & Roof Cleaning Services

Cool Summers

By installing THERMGUARD, you will be able to prevent the heat flowing downwards into your cooler home by up to 89%! Depending on where you live, this will make your home naturally more comfortable to live in, or in very hot areas, reduce your air-conditioning bill considerably. In fact, the insulation will pay for itself within 3 years of installation.

Warm Winters

During the freezing winter months, heat is generated in your home by using electric and gas heaters, or in your fireplace. THERMGUARD will keep your home warm by retaining the heat generated inside the house, thus reducing your energy costs and improving your comfort. When fitted at 135mm, the reduction in heat flow in winter will be an amazing 92%

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