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Clean Fresh Home Environment.

We provide a professional and reliable ceiling cleaning service that specialises in roof cleaning, vacuuming of dust, bird/rat/bat faeces, roof rats carcasses, nests, dust mites, building rubble and finally old deteriorated roof insulation materials. As a result, a clean roof space that will leave your home refreshed.
Our ceiling cleaning services are generally made use of firstly, where homeowners have unexplained allergies or ailments, roof rats/bird infestations or before the installation of new roof insulation.



Dirty Roofs and Ceilings can cause Allergies.

Dust in your house can be seeping through fittings and openings in your ceiling to your living space.

We take Dirty Roofs Seriously.

Each roof cleaning job is treated seriously and with care. Our ceiling cleaning services are available to homeowners and also commercial and industrial buildings.

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+27 82 570 7617